Hulk Smash Box Office #Avengers


Captain’s Log. Daddy Chronicles. Diaper Date 1684.  The Captain went to the midnight showing of The Avengers this morning.  In a word – AMAZING.
THE Captain doesn’t want to spoil the movie.  Suffice to say, if you like comics, or action, or humor – you need to see this movie.  This movie had all the elements to it – suspense, humor, action, chemistry, good plot line.  I never checked the time. Not once.  Predictable in parts? Sure.  But there were a lot of good surprises too. 
The cast is as well assembled as the Avengers themselves.  The movie is littered with conflict and one liners that are artfully delivered.  The physical and verbal timing in this movie is what I enjoyed the most. 
Favorite line? “He’s adopted.” I won’t say who delivered it or why.  You will have to see for yourself. 
Definitely make sure you stay through the credits for both extra scenes.  Yes, I said BOTH. 
All in all a great movie.  Worth seeing twice.
Was great seeing it with my nephew and several very good friends from work – two of whom dressed up (one as Capt. America and the other was Black Widow).  Highlight might have been when we walked in and the audience applauded my friend who was dressed as Capt. America. He took a lot of pictures with people.  Hysterical. 
The Captain is off to get ready for work.  We are going to rock out this last day of the week.  Have a great one!
Captain Out…

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2 thoughts on “Hulk Smash Box Office #Avengers

  1. where’s your pic with Captain America?

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